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American Revolutionary War Time Line

Subject Area: Social Studies

Grade Level(s): 5-6

Duration of Activity: One week

Description of Activity:

The students will search the Web by groups to find events that happened in history and create a time line of these events.


  • The students will develop an understanding of what events led up to the American Revolutionary War, what happened during the war, and what the lasting results are from that war.
  • The students will use information taken from the Internet to create a PowerPoint presentation about events of the American Revolutionary War.


  • Computer with large monitor or projector device
  • Internet access
  • Printer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint software or other presentation software
  • Handout 1: PowerPoint Directions
  • Handout 2: American Revolution Presentation
  • Handout 3: PowerPoint Rubric

Prerequisites (skills or background needed):

  • Basic reading comprehension skills
  • An understanding of chronological order
  • Basic PowerPoint skills (Students may use Handout 1: PowerPoint Directions to review these skills.)


Teacher Component:

  1. The teacher will review reading comprehension, numerical order, and techniques for using PowerPoint software. (See Handout 1 PowerPoint Directions.)
  2. The teacher will guide the students in completing the assignments.
  3. The teacher will bookmark the Web sites to be used in the students' research. These can be placed in Netscape Bookmarks or in Internet Explorer Favorites. In Netscape placing the site URLs in the Personal Toolbar Folder within the Bookmarks file will create links directly from the opening page of the browser. The same thing can be accomplished in Internet Explorer by placing the URLs in the Links folder.

Student Activities:

Day 1
This activity should be carried out as a group activity. The students will use the World Wide Web to find information on events that happened in association with the American Revolutionary War. They should use several different Search Engines to find information. Some of the most widely used search engines are:

Day 2
The students will decide what information they are going to use in their PowerPoint presentations and begin composing a rough draft of the presentations before going to the computer on Day 3.

Day 3
The students will begin putting their information in chronological order in their presentations. Handout 2: American Revolution Presentation presents and example of a student presentation.

Day 4
The students will add transitions, clip art, and background designs to their presentations. They also should practice delivering their presentations as a group.

Day 5
The students will present their PowerPoint presentations to the class.


  • For a one-computer classroom, the information could be printed and given to the groups to put together to make their PowerPoint presentations. In order to have enough time for each group to create their PowerPoint presentations, the teacher may have to begin the computer time on Day 2 and let it continue until every group is finished.
  • If PowerPoint is not available HyperStudio, Inspiration, or Microsoft Word could be used. If the technology is not available, posters of the time line could be created.

Extension Activities:

  • The students could create a time line of their own lives from birth to the present.
  • The student could also pick another event in history and create a time line relating to that event.
  • The class can create a database of facts that can be used to answer questions related to the American Revolutionary War. Visit the Web site Database, http://www.fi.edu/fellows/fellow4/may99/database.html, for ideas on how to use this type software with elementary and middle school students.


  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • Language Arts


  1. Use Handout 3: PowerPoint Rubric to assess the student presentations.


Curriculum Frameworks


Fifth Grade

  1. Examine the historical development of the United States of America. (H, G)

    1. Identify the various groups who migrated to North America and the cause(s) of this migration.
  2. Sixth Grade

    1. Examine characteristics of societies in the Western Hemisphere and trace their development. (C, H)
    2. Analyze civic life, politics, and government in the Western Hemisphere. (C, H)

    NETS Performance Indicators for Grade Level 5th and 6th / NETS Standard(s):

    1. Use keyboards and other common input and output devices efficiently and effectively. (1)
    2. Use general-purpose productivity tools and peripherals to support personal productivity, remediate skill deficits, and facilitate learning throughout the curriculum. (3)
    3. Use telecommunications and online resources to participate in collaborative problem-solving activities for the purpose of developing solutions or products for audiences inside and outside the classroom. (4, 5)


    27 Historical and Cultural Perspectives 11-21/22
    Demonstrate an understanding of concepts and process skills related to the study of time, continuity, and societal change throughout history.

    Demonstrate an understanding of concepts and process skills related to the study of the contributions, influences, and interactions of various cultures.

    Construct answers and create solutions or products using inquiry skills and knowledge related to historical and cultural perspectives. Link and Feedback to Author(s):

    Marilyn Linton

    Teresa Moore

Handout 1:
PowerPoint Directions
Word Acrobat
Handout 2:
American Revolution Presentation
Word PowerPoint Acrobat
Handout 3:
PowerPoint Rubric
Word Acrobat
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